How do I link SmartHalo to my account?

The first time that you want to connect to your SmartHalo, you'll be prompted to create an account. This account will link to your SmartHalo – you'll be the only one to be able to connect to it. That way, even if your SmartHalo stays outside at night, nobody else will be able to connect to it. If you lose your phone, or simply change phone, you'll still be able to connect to your SmartHalo by simply downloading the app again and login in on the same account. That is because SmartHalo links to an account, not a phone. 

Also, SmartHalo is meant to be linked to your account from inside the app, not from the system's Bluetooth settings. 

Linking SmartHalo to a new account

If you open the app for the first time: create a new account and follow the instructions – one of the steps consists of linking your account with your SmartHalo device.



Linking a SmartHalo to an existing user account

You can also link with SmartHalo if you already have an account. After login, tap on the upper right Device Icon, then item at the bottom. This brings you to a list that shows SmartHalo devices within range. Connect to the one you want. 

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If you don't see your device in the list

There a couple reasons why you would not see your device in the device list : 

1) Your Bluetooth is off. Make sure Bluetooth is activated on your phone. 

2) The SmartHalo has run out of battery. Make sure the battery is full by plugging it to a power source via USB. Once connected to a power source, you can tap once on the device to check the current battery level. 

3) The device is in a deep sleep state. If this is the first time you're using SmartHalo (or if SmartHalo is not currently associated with an account), you might need to wake it up from a deep sleep state. To do that, simply plug SmartHalo in a computer using the provided USB cable. You will see a green light in the center of the device for a few seconds. You can then pair it with your phone from inside the SmartHalo app, by clicking the "Not connected" button at the bottom of the right side drawer. 

4) The device is currently linked to another user account. You must log into the app with that account (or ask the current user to do so) and follow the instructions to unlink a device. 



If you're still having trouble linking, press Submit a Request



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